Discernment Challenge #6:
Look for Confirmation and Take a Leap of Faith

Do you feel like discernment can take forever? Or, perhaps, do you know someone who seems to be always discerning? Discernment is never supposed to be your goal. Discernment is simply a tool in helping you gain clarity as to where you are going. By now you will want to start looking for confirmation as to whether you have a call to religious life. The most important is having "a deep feeling of peace and joy in your own heart," as Sr. Clare relates in her book Discerning Religious Life.

Keep in mind that as you discern your entrance into a community, the community is also discerning God's will. It also needs to be clear to them that you are a good fit. This should not discourage you. The intention is to ensure you are at the place where you will best grow in holiness.

In seeking confirmation, be careful to not reduce God's call merely to signs. Signs can be important, but don't neglect that "still small voice."

Take the Leap!

All your discernment should ultimately lead you to deciding. Every major life decision can bring on the feeling of "cold feet," so don't let this dissuade you. When you have the certainty of your call (which God always gives), don't hesitate to start the application process for entrance into a community. This period is still also a process for the community to decide, so receiving their invitation is the most crucial part of final confirmation. If you are met with the unfortunate "no," trust God's higher purpose behind it.

If you find yourself in a religious community eventually, you might discover that you continue to receive confirmations that it is the life chosen for you by God. One sister recounted her experience like so: "One way my call to be a sister was confirmed was by the simple fact that I was growing more and more into the person God made me to be."

(This reflection is a paraphrase from chapter 7 of Discerning Religious Life, by Sr. Clare Matthias.) 

Order and read Sr. Clare Matthiass' book, Discerning Religious Life.

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