"There are those who enjoy sitting beside the brook of a running stream, 
and there are others who jump in...religious life is that running stream"

"So many times in my discernment, talking to religious and married people alike, they would always say, "you just know"...well it's true.
I hate to admit it because it was annoying to hear at the time and it's probably annoying for you to hear right now too, but oh well, haha." 

"If you visit a religious community and it feels like you're returning home,
that's a good indication that you're probably where you're supposed to be"

"There comes a point where discernment must turn to action." 

"First thing first: how's your prayer life?" 

"What is the deepest desire of your heart?" 

"I just knew."

"There was undeniable peace." 

The Rules of Discernment Simplified 

First Step: Choose the Good Reject the Bad 

Second Step: If you have two Goods to choose from, choose the better one 

*Obedience to a spiritual director will help you in making choices because you can place your trust in an other. This other can remain neutral in times where you might want to make a decision too irrationally. This other can also help to lift off some of the burden from your shoulders in making decisions. In this way you won't be easily tempted to think thoughts of regret later on like "oh I should have done this or that." Why? Because at your moments of retroactive doubt, your spiritual director will be there to help you remember why you made your choice and to persevere through it.  

Pray for a holy spiritual director and ask trust worthy friends for their opinions on who would be an appropriate spiritual director for you.