Discernment Challenge #2:
Develop Your Prayer Life

To make any progress in your six-month discernment, you will need to be firmly rooted in prayer. After all, you are seeking God's will, so you must communicate more deeply with Him. Keep in mind that it "is typical to struggle for consistency in your prayer life, but a consistent prayer life is an important aspect of your discernment process" (p. 81 of Discerning Religious Life, by Sr. Clare Matthias).

Primarily, you will want to focus on a sacramental prayer life. The sacraments are the source of grace for our faith – this should be the pivot of your prayer life. Go to Mass, confession, and adoration as often as you can.

Prayer is communication with God, and we often neglect the importance of listening. Try to spend less time on your phone and social media, and avoid other distractions. Block out specific times each day for uninterrupted moments of prayer; you will be sure to grow comfortable with silence, and the regular commitment will lead into a joyful habit of regular prayer. Avoid letting your mind wander, but do explore those deeply buried thoughts or memories that God might be wanting you to attend to.

Prayer will be much more rewarding and "effective" if you take time to prepare. Runners never begin by sprinting, instead they warm up to avoid injury. Similarly, you need to "warm up" for prayer with recollection. It will be helpful to be still physically so that you can be still spiritually. This might be difficult at first, but the more you do it, the more easily it'll come to you. Praying with Scripture is another good method.

As you become closer to God, this time dedicated to prayer will seem like the best time you spend each day.

Order and read Sr. Clare Matthiass' book, Discerning Religious Life.

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