Discernment Challenge #3:
Get A Spiritual Guide

As you grow closer to God in prayer, you will also want to grow closer to His Mystical Body, the Church. Our relationship with Jesus should always lead to a relationship with the Church. Thus, you should not be alone in your discernment. Consider the importance of having a spiritual guide to help you along the way.

Here is an excerpt from Discerning Religious Life, by Sr. Clare Matthias:

Spiritual Accompaniment

"Your vocation is an intensely personal thing. It is the revelation of your identity spoken from the Father’s heart to yours. But this adventure of discovery, personal as it is, is not made well unaccompanied. Man was not made to be alone. This truth has many implications. It is a very good idea to find a spiritual director to meet with on a regular basis as you discern. A spiritual director can be a priest, a religious, or even a lay person. You will want to find someone who is living their faith, someone who is further along the path of holiness and wisdom than you are, someone who is trained in spiritual direction, and someone whom you trust.

"This is a tall order, and there seems to be a shortage of available spiritual directors. 

"Our priests tend to have more work than any one person can reasonably handle, and so it is understandable when requests for spiritual direction go unmet. However, if you tell your priest that you are discerning religious life and would just like to meet with him for the next six months, it is more likely that he could find time for this, knowing that he’s not committing to a life-long spiritual direction relationship. 

"Another possible solution is connecting with the vocation director of the community you are most interested in....

"It is important that the person accompanying you understands discernment and religious life."

Order and read
Sr. Clare Matthiass' book, Discerning Religious Life.

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