Discernment Challenge #1 of Six-Month Discernment Challenge

Here at the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, we find among those whom we meet that discerning a vocation often seems to be met with frustration and a sense of "I'll never find out." I want you to know this does not need to be so. In her new book, Discerning Religious Life, published by Vianney Vocations, Sister Clare Mathiass presents a step-by-step guide in helping people spend focused, quality time in discerning. Why not take up her Six-Month Discernment Challenge? That way you can move from discernment to decision.

Here are Sr. Clare's six steps:

  1. Make a Commitment
  2. Develop Your Prayer Life
  3. Spiritual Accompaniment
  4. Don't Date and Discern
  5. Pick a Few Communities and Start Visiting
  6. Look for Confirmation and Take a Leap of Faith 
Below is the first step. (For all six articles, see the links at page bottom.)

Make a Commitment

"The first step is making a commitment to the six-month discernment challenge. This is not to be taken for granted. It is important that the idea of setting aside time to intentionally discern is backed up by a commitment. Decide to do it and then tell one or two people of your decision so that they can hold you accountable. A spiritual director is a logical person to tell ....   

"You also may want to get a notebook and start a discernment journal. Many people benefit from keeping a journal during their discernment journey and beyond. Keeping a journal is important for many reasons. Firstly, it helps you to articulate what you are experiencing. This serves as a record of your spiritual experience and a great tool to prepare for meeting with a spiritual director. Also, as you record the ups and downs of your experiences, it helps you identify patterns ...."

Order and read Sr. Clare Matthiass' book, Discerning Religious Life.

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Have questions about how to get started in your discernment journey? Call Sr. Jeanette at 216-526-6435 or email her at sisterjeanette@hotmail.com.