Our Postulant Tonia Borsellino, who entered in the Summer of 2017, had a youtube channel and this is one of the videos she posted before entering. Enjoy!

A first recording of a song written and sung by our Sisters here in Cleveland, OH for the 150th anniversary of our Mother Foundress' birthday (9/21/16). The chorus is actually a hymn of our Congregation that is sung to Jesus upon one's entrance into the chapel during Eucharistic Exposition. The lyrics of this song detail the love story of Mother María del Refugio. It is a true story. For more information on how the song was inspired, check out our blog:

November 16, 2014

View the interview - Mother Maria Rosario and Sr. Jeanette Marie Estrada were interviewed recently on Catholic Life TV.

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Mother Maria Rosario and Sr. Jeanette Marie tell their vocation stories. Their families did not approve of their desires at first.