About Us

Mercedarin SistersWe are a Religious Institute of Pontifical Right, meaning that we are directly under the authority of the Holy See. This decree of Pontifical Right is given through the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes. Constitutions are submitted directly to the Holy See for approval, and other matters of law such as perpetual vows or promises, and dispensations, must be submitted to the Holy See for approval.

We were founded in Mexico City by the Venerable Maria del Refugio Aguilar in 1910. Our Mother Foundress, enamored of Jesus in his Eucharistic Mystery, wanted to found an Institute whose members would dedicate their lives to loving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and making reparation for the many offenses He receives in this sacrament.

At the same time, Maria del Refugio wanted to foster a quality catholic education which would foster the blossoming not only of academic knowledge, but a blooming of virtues and the strengthening of character.  We are more approximately 680 sisters staffing 83 schools and missions in 12 different countries: United States, Mexico, Italy, Spain, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Cuba and Mozambique.

Today, the Sisters continue to respond to their charism in the Church by providing children and youth with a Christian education in schools and catechetical centers. They also visit the sick and the imprisoned and assist in various parish and diocesan ministries. As consecrated women, more than 700 Sisters strive ardently in ten countries to extend their Eucharistic Mercedarian spirit of adoration and praise to Jesus in the Eucharist, and filial love and devotion to our Lady of Mercy, Mother of the Redeemer.